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In Toolboxstudio we are specialists in interior design.
Whether it's a commercial space or your home, we guide you through the process of design and renovation of your bar, restaurant, store or flat. We go along with you in all the process to obtain your licenses and construction permits, and we make sure that the final result will be as incredible as we have designed it for you.



We are a team of interior architects specialized in integral housing renovations in Barcelona; Interior design is our passion.
The home of your dreams can become a reality thanks to our services; Quality and design are not a luxury, they are available to everyone, you just have to know how to choose an Interior Designer that fits with your ideas and budgets.

 Easy task for us.



In Toolboxstudio we are dedicated to make architecture from the creativity and technicality that it deserves.

We design and build spaces with personality, style and efficiency, always providing a technical and design vision to your needs and ideas.
The optimization of spaces, the rehabilitation of buildings, the design and creation of new projects are part of the essence of our work; drawing day by day the lines that make our city unique.